The 8 most magical places on Earth
Have you ever seen a miracle? Such, the faint? No need skeptical to shake his head and say that miracles do not happen, because on Earth there are such places,…

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Ethiopia - country Information
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The largest lake of Europe!
Yes ,indeed it was in Karelia is the largest lake in Europe! The bowl of this lake contains 908 cubic metres of fresh water.The name of this bowl-lake Ladoga.If you…

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POLAND Saw. Tours to Poland. Holidays in Poland

The flying time from Moscow: 2 hours

Description of resort:

The neighborhood and the city itself Saw a rich natural, cultural and historical objects,which can satisfy different interests of visitors and tourists to the city who enjoy holiday.

Particularly attractive places are considered as the pine forests surrounding the city are stunning all year round,as well as clear rivers and pure lakes. In the city there are numerous parks,squares and picturesque island in the bend of the river GUDY.

An endless possibility of outdoor activities and interesting excursions,is the sights of the Saw and its surroundings,a variety of specially organized events for guests.Pure eco-friendly nature,the beautiful coniferous forest with rich flora and fauna,abundance of game,berries and mushrooms guarantee a successful holiday.Amateur naturalists are frequent visitors,with cameras, and cameras observing rare phenomena taking place in nature,the life of flora and fauna.

More active guests will not be bored in this city. Close to the Saw there are over a dozen lakes,some of which are located in the administrative boundary of the city.Lake “the Handkerchiefs”-the largest of them,is the traditional resting place of Gordan and prezzi guests.Good conditions for recreation,clear water,sandy beach,hire of water sports equipment,leaves many wonderful experiences.

One of the attractions in the city is the oldest in the area of natural reserve,protected since 1959,the scenic forest and lakeside nature including fragments of marshes and meadows.There are all conditions for development of a large number of different vegetation that is rarely found in other reserves and environment for more than 30 species of rare birds.

Pristine lakes and rivers are favourite places for fishermen,sailing and Windsurfing.Here they can expect an abundance of fish,the silence and clean air-all conditions for an active or relaxing holiday.

If you want to recover or strengthen your body,indoor pools,fitness clubs and tennis courts situated on the territory of the city.Thrill-seekers can try their hand,that participation in skydiving,either with the help of paragliders and hang gliders from the height of bird flight can admire the landscape of the city.In the city situated nice hotel and gastronomic database of all categories and types,with modern rooms,equipped to prodenia banquets and conferences.

The largest city in the province,which is the center of cultural life is Saw.The history of this city starts its calculation from the 15th century,many times destroyed by fires and wars,unfortunately, is not able to show the diversity of the buildings of antiquity.

When travelling around the visit the oldest Polish churches devoted to Marienau piety .The Museum of folk culture,to familiarize people with historical past by encouraging participation in fun activities on traditional economic occupations of the inhabitants of this city.


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