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Largest lake
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The most Beautiful lake of Mongolia

Lake national Park Altai Tavan Bogd is a scattering of gems, among the white mountains. Like jewels, transparent tears at the rim of mountain ridges. Well, enough of the romantic stuff. But it’s really a beautiful place, in such a wilderness that not everyone dares to go there. Lakes of the Mongolian Altai were the final point of our trip to Mongolia, after which we started for the return journey. Two days surrounded by snow-capped peaks, pristine waters and a Mongolian Yurt. They were wonderful, quiet and peaceful.

To go back a long time. Need to be prepared for the fact that in Mongolia the distance is a very relative thing. It all depends on precipitation, condition of roads, cars and driving skills. But it’s worth it. Haughton lake on which we stayed is very beautiful place. And me, as man had seen a lot of all, it is very difficult to surprise. But there is good. Rocky shore covered with single larches.

Larch. True, high, huge trees. After deserts and bare steppes of Mongolia, these trees made a splash! Many rushed to hug them. Well, not many, and only me. But it was nice )

In the quiet surface of the lake reflected the white clouds. On the water were visible circles from playing fish. If the tourists get here, they go fishing. In General, the lion’s share of tourists coming to Mongolia for her. Here’s a completely wild grayling, which do not touch local. Unless children occasionally running around with fishing rods.

Not yet the car to cool down, as our driver dropped everything and ran off to fish along the way, taking with it all our fishermen. And really — pecked perfectly. The guys caught a small grayling a bucket, which was roasted and eaten in the evening. While cleaning fish, managed to tame the local birds of prey — heads lined up to Golden eagles. You should have seen what air figures they showed, when I used fish heads!

I also gained access to everyone’s madness, and caught a couple fish. This is my first catch of the day for many, many years. My happiness knew no bounds. A long forgotten feeling) Anticipating the question, I would say that was fishing on the “fly”.

Of course, did not forget about the scenery. And they were just gorgeous. Although the clouds meant a storm in the evening.

Not far from us was a small settlement of a few yurts. On the first day we visited the delegation of the local kids who sold a little cheese and milk. And in the evening pulled adults who long about something talked to our drivers. Probably overall relatives are looking for.

In all of Mongolia heated yurts and cook on dry dung, and here in the foothills of the local unspeakably allow themselves the luxury of the wood. Nothing unusual, just a camel loaded with firewood. Keep looking.

Here, even the store was! It was made in one of the yurts. Meager assortment, but it is normal in Mongolian store is not very. And so everything you need is at hand.

On a visit to the Mongols, we got very timely — just in time for the evening milking. Amazed that were occupied absolutely everything — from small to large. Kids and grandma milked the goats, paying no attention to us.

And even the youngest helped! This kinder, three no more, and he’s already with full can of milk runs.

The weather meanwhile had deteriorated. Was blowing a nasty cold wind. On the horizon sparkled. I love this weather. More than sunsets and sunrises. However, there is the risk of getting wet, but it’s a calculated risk.

Cloud almost covered our camp. She was ready give birth a thick stream, as suddenly shifts the wind and cloud turned around. We lay down in the tent, take a NAP — sunset not clearly foreshadowed. But while lay, the wind has blown away the clouds completely, and the sky blazed. Barely managed to jump out of his house and sped away to tame the place.

The sky was burning. Rarely, when all is fused, and the sky lights up all the colors. But here are lucky. A terrific evening. Only manage to press the button.

On the banks were picturesque stumps. shamelessly cut from the forest. Although a natural Park, and felling is strictly prohibited there. In Mongolia, the Park is a very relative concept…

Even such art objects were on the shore.

It was one of the longest sunsets of the year. Blazed a very long time. More hours glowed the clouds above his head. And when the sky lit up the stars, they continued to burn a little. Great evening as a gift, at the end of the Mongolian expeditions.

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