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Journey to the lakes of Italy or the spring in Lombardy (private tour)

The cost of the tour includes:

selection and booking of hotels;

the development and adjustment of programs to suit Your needs;

overnight stays in guest houses and apartments for 2-3* with shower, WC and kitchen; or in hotels 3-4*;

travel in a comfortable car/minibus on the route;

services of a guide – driver.

The tour price does not include:

visa and medical insurance 70 €;

flight Kiev-Milan-Kiev;

travel on public transport;

entrance tickets;

the cost of Lunches, dinners;

Tickets for pleasure boats from 15€;

travel by public transport, metro;

entrance tickets to museums;

tourist tax in Milan(5€/person/night,for a total of 25€)

*Tickets to the guide to museums and churches, boats are paid by tourists.

Approximate cost of entrance tickets:

Inspection of the frescoes “last supper” by Leonardo da Vinci in Milan – 15 €; a ticket to the La Scala theatre – 80 €; the Ascent by funicular to mount San Salvatore in Lugano (Switzerland) – 25 francs; thermal pools Sirmione is 1 hour-15€, 2 hours-25 €; the boat to Como – 9€; the boat to Iseo – 5€; boat on the Maggiore – 15€; the boat in Lugano – 18 francs; the boat on Garda – 10€; the Park of the Villa Melzi – 15€; the Villa and the Park Carlotta – 15€

9 reasons why you should go on this tour.

You will find yourself in a small flowery Paradise on earth and to see the famous lake. Only in Italian lakes Maggiore, Como, Lugano, Iseo, Garda with the month of March begins profuse flowering. Here you can see the blooming Wisteria, rhododendron, Magnolia, and the first flowers of the lemon and orange trees. The lakes are all different, but they all share lots of sun, blue water and an abundance of flowers. And all this splendor is on the background of snow-capped Alpine peaks. You will see the historic city centres of Milan, Bergamo, Lugano (Switzerland) under the protection of UNESCO. From the top of mount San Salvatore in Lugano (Switzerland) You will see one of the most picturesque panoramas on the planet Earth – the panorama of Alpine four-thousandths. You will visit the famous mural of Leonardo da Vinci “last supper” and will visit the view of the world famous Milan theatre “La Scala” (cultural tourism). You can taste different types of cheese «Gorgonzola– in the town of Gorgonzola, and to try on lake Iseo, dishes with local trout (gastronomic tourism). And the local wines of Lombardy (Franciacorta, Oltrepò Pavese) and Lombard famous liquors Amaretto and Campari will not leave You indifferent (wine tourism). In the world’s fashion capital in Milan on the famous via Montenapoleone in the Windows you will see the novelties from the world of fashion. Boutiques Chanel, Valentino, Dolce – Gabana, Gucci and hospitably will open its doors to You and will entice discounts. The Milanese often buy gifts in stores “middle”. We head to Corso Buenos Aires, where many of these retail outlets.Your attention, also, will be presented to the famous factory outlet stores near Milan and vintage shops (the”shopping”tourism). We can flexibly adjust the program to suit Your individual needs, and most important all this time the van (car) with a professional driver – guide will be with You.

For example:

the nightlife of Milan in the case of youth groups;

a visit to an Italian Disneyland – «Gardaland” in the case of a child of the group;

more late or more early departures from the hotel;

finding a good balance between sightseeing and free time.

9. Total mileage of car travel 1,000 km and staying in the same hotel.

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