Lembolovsky lake, the largest lake on the Karelian isthmus
Land plots in cottage villages near Lembolovsky lake Stretches is a natural “font” among the hills in the Vsevolozhsk district of the Leningrad region. It attracts attention not only for…

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Lake Italy
In addition to unique architectural structures, a separate attraction are the lakes of Italy, located in the Northern part of the country, in the foothills of the Alps. The beauty…

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Penza region - land of pristine lakes and rivers
In the spurs of Valdai hills, in the upper reaches of the Volga river, in the North-East of the Tver region is Penza region . Its administrative center is the…

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Unique lakes in the world.

1.On the Rocky island in the Pacific ocean is popular among divers Jellyfish Lake. Approximately two million jellyfish inhabit the reservoir size of just 460 to 160 meters, on average, in one cubic meter of water are two jellyfish. This large number is due to the absence of natural enemies.

2.On the island of Sicily(Italy) there is an unusual lake of Death, around which there is no vegetation and wildlife. But moreover, even dangerous to swim. If you omit, for example, the hand in the water, you can get severe burns. Scientists have found out. in the water contains large amounts of sulfuric acid! And she got there thanks to two sources that are at the bottom of a horrible lake.

3.Grave lake in the Murmansk region is unique by the presence of four layers of different salinity. In the topmost layer freshwater live Daphnia and copepods. In the lowest layer, where the salinity is 3.3%, only inhabited by purple bacteria. In the middle layers of a typical live sea creatures, such as starfish. They are in a kind of trap, as you are not able to live neither in the upper nor in the lower layer.

4.On the island of Trinidad there is a lake Peach lake, consists of pure liquid asphalt. It is the world’s largest reservoir of this kind. According to forecasts, at current production levels, the lake will be a renewable source of asphalt for 400 years. Other such lakes are in Venezuela and California.

5.In Algeria there is a lake-“the inkwell& quot;, it is filled with real ink. It is clear, of course, no plants, no fish in that lake there, but there is ink. which are sold not only in Algeria but also in other countries.

6.In Yellowstone National Park, is one very beautiful lake – Lake of a Morning Glory. The lake is unique for its coloring. In the center it’s blue, but closer to the edges – yellow, even orange.

7.The Sambar lake(India), unusual due to the fact that 4 months out of the year is fresh water, and 8 months – salt. In times of drought the lake produces about 200 thousand tons of salt (November to may). And during heavy rains the water in this wonderful lake again fresh.

8.Near the town of Urium( Vyatka region) is lake Shaitan. It got its name is not accidental – this lake may from time to gush water. The reason for this miracle – intensive decay on the lake bottom peat, seaweed and other plant fragments.

9.On the island Kunashir (Kuril Islands) is a milky white lake is very rich in color. The lake is Boiling. It is established that it is filled with a concentrated solution of sulfuric and hydrochloric acids, and from the bottom of it all the time up hot volcanic gases, which warmed the water to a boil.

10.Lake Baikal-the deepest lake of the planet, the largest natural reservoir of fresh water. Age of lake scientists determined 25-30 million years.The Baikal is home to more than 1,700 species of plants and animals and more than half of them cannot be found anywhere else.

11.Spotted lake(Canada) located in British Columbia. It is amazing that throughout the year the lake changes its color, and in the dry season form numerous pools of white, green and yellow colors.

12.Lake Arport-TSO (China) is the highest lake on Earth. It is located at a height of 5465 m above sea level in Tibet.

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