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The Earth Chronicles

The biggest lakes in the world: top 10

For those who have never been interested in lakes, it will be interesting to see what their sizes sometimes exceed the size of the known seas. And their water is not that calm, as it too often the hurricanes rage.

Great Slave lake is located on 10 positions of this top. It is located in Canada, and more specifically, in the North-Western part. The name of the water body has received from the Indian tribe slavey who had long lived in that territory. On the tenth position of the lake fell because of its depth of 614 meters and a total area of 28568 sq. km.

In 9th place is the lake Nyasa. Its second name Malawi. The total area of the reservoir is 29600 sq km, and the depth of its water – 706 m. the lake is of tectonic origin. It is valuable in that it provides 7% of world reserves of fresh water. Niassa is located in the East African valley, namely in the South. It flows into the 14 rivers that feed its waters, but follows only one river, called Wider. Even the bottom of the lake Malawi is its steep banks, near which is quite often ravaged by storms and strong surf.

Eighth place in the top-10 of “The biggest lake” is the pond Big bear lake. It is the largest in Canada. Its total area – 31153 sq km and maximum depth of 413 meters. Known Big bear lake, not only for its impressive size. In the early 20th-century canadian finder Gilbert Labin have found within this reservoir large deposits of uranium. A little later, this type of fossil was used to create bombs which destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

In 7th place is the lake Baikal. It is known for its depth of 1642 meters, because it is the deepest lake of the planet. The total area of the reservoir is also impressive – 31722 sq. km Is lake Baikal at the border of Buryatiya Republic and the Irkutsk region. In this reservoir falls as much as 330 different rivers and smaller and larger. But only one flows out – the Angara river. Lake Baikal is interesting for its flora and fauna is unique, that is, some species can be found only here.

6th place rightfully belongs to lake Tanganyika, which is headed by another and a rating of the longest lakes in the world. This pond is located on the territory of 4 countries in Africa – Tanzania, Burundi, Zambia and the Congo. The total area of the lake – 32900 sq km, and the length of the reservoir is equal to 673 km.

Lake Michigan, which is located in the U.S., has a total area of 57750 sq km and a depth of 281 meters. The name of the pond comes from the word “mishigami”, which in Indian means “big water”.

In 4th place is lake Huron, which is on the list of Great lakes of North America. Is this the pond in Canada and the USA. The total area of the lake – 59600 sq km and reaches a depth of 229 meters. On the territory of Huron is a record number of Islands – here there are more than 30 thousand. Moreover, there is also the largest island in freshwater ponds. His name – Manitoulin. Another feature of lake Huron lies in its tragic: in its waters sank many ships.

3rd place “Large lakes of the world” is lake Victoria. It is located in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. Its area is 68000 sq. km, depth reaches 80 meters and the length – 320 km, This reservoir is the largest among all the lakes of the African continent and one of the largest tropical lakes in the world. This lake was discovered by a traveler named John Henning Speke. By nationality he was an Englishman, and therefore found the name of the lake he gave in honor of the British Queen.

On the 2nd place is the lake located on the border of USA and Canada. the name of the lake – lake superior. The total area of the reservoir – 82700 sq km. Lake superior is considered to be the coldest body of water in North America. It feeds on the pond more than two hundred rivers. Its water surface is often formed by high waves, which are called seiches. They often cause destruction of the shoreline of the lake. Waves appear due to cold ocean winds that are roaring past the lake from almost all sides.

Enters into a rating of the largest lakes in the world Caspian sea. This closed the pond is considered a lake. With a total area of 371 thousand square km, its length is 1200 km. the Water in this lake is salt, as it is located at the junction of Asia and Europe.

From this ranking it is clear that not all lakes are small and quiet, as I think about it the majority of the population of the planet. There are huge reservoirs with turbulent waters, which really deserve the name of the sea.

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