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Penza region – land of pristine lakes and rivers

In the spurs of Valdai hills, in the upper reaches of the Volga river, in the North-East of the Tver region is Penza region . Its administrative center is the urban-type settlement Peno. This area is a lot of rolling hills, with an abundance of rivers and lakes.

The district, through the beautiful lake Sterzh, vselug hotel, Peno, Volgo runs the great Russian river Volga. Here, she receives the first tributaries — Rune, Code, Zhukopa.

More than 60% of the territory is covered with forests, rich in this area and natural resources — peat, clay, sand, limestone.

Before the creation of the Kalinin region, this area was part of Western region, Velikoluksky district. The ancient history of penovskiy land is strongly linked to the settling of the Slavic tribes and with the historical fate of the cities of Rzhev and Ostashkov .

In ancient times the territory of this region lived Krivichi. These tribes were some of the strongest among the Slavic. This period is characterized by archaeological finds on the shore of lake vselug hotel, the mounds along the banks of the Western Dvina.

Between lake Peno and vselug hotel, in the middle ages, there was an ancient portage — one of the branches of the waterway «from the Varangians to the Greeks».

Penza region has witnessed important historical events — intestine feuds of the princes, Batu Khan invasion, prolonged confrontation against foreign enemies, Lithuania and Poland.

In 12-13 centuries, these lands became part of the Principality of Toropets icon of the strong, and then in 1471 the territory of Penza were included in Moscow. From that time on has preserved a rare monument of wooden architecture — the Church of St. John the Baptist.

Since the 17th century, this monument is set on a wooded area of lake vselug hotel, and since then he stands there, surprising for its beauty and unity with nature.

Ongoing provincial reform of 1775, secured the land for Ostashkovsky uyezd, Tver province. Most residents of the area were serfs, who were engaged in agriculture and commercial fishing.

Vast forests have attracted large entrepreneurs. Business wood of foam successfully floated in Tver and Rzhev. Capitalists Morozov brothers, a German firm of Michelson, and other wealthy Industrialists built on the banks of lake Peno and other rivers about 10 sawmills.

Further development of the region contributed to the construction of the railroad from Bologoe — Velikie Luki, which became operational in 1906. About 1902-1907, arose the settlement of Peno. Now in these places, by rail, previously not available «the viewer», began to move in businessmen.

For a short time in a foam has built 7 plants for timber processing wood. The Roon founded the large woodworking enterprise. Since then, the forest was the main natural resource of Penovskiy district .

And now a lot of people employed in the woodworking industry. A modern company with new technologies in logging, successfully employed in the province. High-quality wood and lumber are exported to the Baltic States and to Finland.

Develops and individual entrepreneurship, there are companies specialized in furniture manufacturing, logging and primary wood processing.

For the restoration of forest stands there is a nursery plantings in Veselovska forestry, are held regularly planting trees, sanitary cuttings and thinnings.

Penza region — clean lakes and rivers. The abundance of forests, mild climate, dense river network, the most popular area for tourists from different corners of Russia. Many commercial and beasts and birds make this region tempting to the hunters, not only from their country but from other countries of the world — Germany, Austria, Sweden.

In this fertile region is built enough tourist centers. Guests can enjoy interesting tourist routes. Very popular among tourists Shirkov Pogost. Here, in ancient times, there was a settlement of Slavs and their pagan temple.

Of particular interest is the wooden Church of the Nativity of John the Baptist. Besides her there is another stone Church, later construction.

At the turn, between Ostashkov, Peno and, in the autumn of 1941, the Nazis were stopped. In January 1942, the talented army commander A. I. Eremenko freed Peno. The retreating Germans had committed a terrible atrocity.

Was completely burned down the village ksty, with all its population, elderly, women, children. It was a cruel revenge for the bold actions of the guerrillas. Memorial ksty is very close to the foam.

Along the forest trails of his home region carried the truth about the situation on the fronts, it gave people Holy faith in victory, a famous heroine of the Soviet people Lisa Chaikina. The Nazis were captured and brutally tortured the girl. At the end of November 1941, in Peno, Lisa shot.

People remember the brave Komsomol member, faithful to his duty. In the village of the bronze bust of the guerrilla, a Museum which is carefully preserved everything associated with her life and feat. In the village of Fleece, the birthplace of L. Chaikin memorial plaque.

Local authorities in as much as possible try to preserve the unique, distinctive ancient monuments. Here only not always it turns out. Yes, and funding is apparently not enough for the preservation and reconstruction of the precious monuments of the architects, if after the last construction, poor maintenance, cross falls Church with a unique wooden architecture graveyard Shirkov.


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