Penza region - land of pristine lakes and rivers
In the spurs of Valdai hills, in the upper reaches of the Volga river, in the North-East of the Tver region is Penza region . Its administrative center is the…

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Altai - 21 century - a Unique Lotus lake destroyed in Vladivostok
Unique Lotus lake destroyed in Vladivostok. According to one of the users of Facebook, flowers torn from the pond with the rhizome, and there are traces of heavy equipment, reports…

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How many lakes in Karelia? Lakes is a true visiting card of the Republic. Only relatively large lakes – more than 60 thousand, but the exact number of lakes along…

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look like paintings

Scenic pictures of nature is the best artist.

Every day more and more stunning pictures of hyperrealism. which look like photos, but not so common to see pictures that look like paintings. For five years we chose frames which in its beauty in no way inferior to the bright paintings, and today we present the best of them.

On pictures Oscar Ruiz. you can see above, sealed in a housing development in Mexico. Back in may, this photo was selected as photo of the day from National Geographic. “A few years ago when I was working as a helicopter pilot for a local radio station, we were required to examine the current situation on the roads. I remember flying along the highway that connected Mexico city with the neighboring state of Puebla, and saw the apartment complex, which caught my attention. I flew closer and made a few successful shots. I later learned that these were new homes within the development housing program.

Rainbow valley

Photographer Michael Brandt took these picturesque hills in the valley a Palooza, Washington, USA. “The rainbow picture was taken in the town Stepto Beat is a uniquely beautiful place in the whole valley. There quite hard to get to, but it offers a charming view. In this picture you can see the change of seasons, characteristic of the whole vegetation in this region.”

Volcanic river

This wonderful picture belongs to the Russian photographer Andrey Ermolaev. “Iceland is a wonderful country for any traveller, I would even say that it is a real Paradise for all photographers. From inexpressible combination of colors, lines and patterns is just breathtaking! The photo shows the mouth of the small river that empties into the ocean. The scale of this spectacle can be estimated if you look at the tire tracks from our car, which is clearly seen on the black sand. It’s just a river, just a volcano, and this is our planet”.

Picturesque dunes

James and Kelly stone took these stunning dunes national Park Olympic national that is centrally located in Northern California. “You can see how the color of the dunes changed as a result of volcanic activity. It looks stunningly beautiful, as if God himself decided to be an artist and painted the place.”

Colorful lake

At first glance it seems that this the picture in which the man in the boat rowing in the lake from the paint. But actually it is a real photograph, which depicts one of the highly polluted lakes in Anhui province, Taiwan. Paint it green algae, which covered all the lake. The photographer’s name, photographer Yu Jianan says there are at least 7 Chinese lakes need to be cleaned. The government plans to spend more than $ 7 billion.

Majestic mountain

Photographer Chalotorn Precombat called this photo “In the center of the Storm”. “The picture was taken after a morning snowfall at the foot of the mountain “Beginning of Faith” in Anhui province, China. The lingering fog has created a stunning scene which is similar to Chinese painting”.

Fiery waves

This snapshot is a talented California photographer David Orias. In order to achieve the effect of painting, he uses a slow shutter speed and a telephoto lens. “In southern California, the sunlight takes on a special hue, especially it can feel, looking at coastal waves. I just chose a good moment and took a picture that looks like a beautiful picture”.

The reflection in the water

Graphic designer Denis Collette has created a series of images titled ‘Water’, which is a collection of images which depict the reflection in the lake near his country house. “I made thousands of photos with the reflection and all of them are unique. They see the trees, wild flowers and blue sky. On the picture is influenced by several factors: wind, light, and even the water level. Ripples makes these photographs look like paintings by van Gogh, Monet or Turner”.

Three women

This beautiful picture of the three women was taken by photographer Barbara Cole. A self-taught photographer not only challenges our reality, but do so entirely at Polaroid. “I fell in love with Polaroid in the late in 1987,” says Cole. “I experimented with the camera and incandescent lamps, and I really liked the mood and warm color palette that appeared on the final picture. So, I have identified methods that work to this day.”

Dawn in Africa

This stunning photograph was taken at sunrise in Namibia. Photographer Frans Lenting says: “the Photo was taken at the very moment when the morning sun had not reached its highest point and covered the dunes, on the other part thereof is reflected the pure blue sky.”

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