10 places in the Sverdlovsk region that are worth a visit
In the summer my husband and I every weekend I get out to go across the field. I made my personal ranking of places to visit. So: 1. Blacksmith's house…

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Largest lake
River canyons in London on the river Thames are only used for travel and tours. Venice is built in a marine Bay on the Islands and lagoons. There are more…

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Unique lake Baskunchak
Lake Baskunchak called the all-Russian salt-cellar. This unique waterfront area of 110 square kilometres is a unique depression on the top of a giant salt mountain, leaving deep under the…

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The Most unusual lakes in the world

On our planet it is hard to imagine that it was not an enormous number of reservoirs that are now. Among the lakes is very beautiful, has a romantic or scary, but just unusual. They have a strange color of the water, amazing nature around or even strange behavior such as the disappearance of strictly in the middle of March.

Lake Morning Glory, Yellowstone national Park in USA

This small hot spring in a length of not more than two kilometers. He has a very capricious nature and amazing behavior. Very often, the source changes its color from purple ink to the shade of light turquoise. In addition to this, it behaves absolutely not always: sometimes the surface is calm, and sometimes it begins to boil and worry.

Originally the water temperature was quite high, but plugging the source from the bottom tourists throw coins “helped” to decrease the temperature level. Well, that although the water remained clear and clean.

Lake Kliluk (Spotted lake) in Canada

Spotted lake is literally a solution of mineral salts and substances. If the water evaporates on the surface of the lake appear fanciful island. And depending on the time of year they have a different color. Lake water is therapeutic because canadian Indians revered the lake as sacred. However, to swim in it will not work – the fence around it, they are officially transferred to the ownership of local residents.

Empty lake in Russia

Altai Krai is a place where miracles live, which can not explain the even scientists. The empty lake is named so because neither in it, nor next to it there is no life.

Although a fall in the river from fishing lakes. Repeated attempts to colonize the pond in what have not resulted. Chemists have also identified water as suitable for drinking. In such cases, already precisely it is possible to believe in mysticism and negative energy.

Asphalt lake, Trinidad

Peach lake is a natural source of asphalt, it is located in the crater of the mud volcano, and swim there, of course not. It was formed from the oil stocks, which fell on the surface after the breaking of the Caribbean continental plate.

The sun turns the oil in such a high-quality asphalt that at least today the roads can be laid. Immediately and ongoing development of the field – produces about 150 thousand tons. Interestingly, and as with the roads in Trinidad, if it is quarried is exported?

Acid lake in Sicily

The most toxic lake, the waters of which a very high percentage of sulfuric acid. How does it get there, scaring off all living things, even birds who are averse to flying over water?

As shown by the 1999 study, the acid gets into water from two underground sources. The pond is a very sad story: a long time, the mafia used the water as a large cemetery of his victims. An hour after diving from a living organism will not remain and a trace.

Ink lake in Algeria

The city of Sidi – Bel – Abbes is famous for its incredibly beautiful water “neighbor”. The lake is amazing because its waters are indeed suitable for writing inks. It turns out that all the matter in the two rivers that bring in the lake glandular and other organic compounds from peat bogs. You can buy such inks for the honor is revered not only in Algeria.

Jellyfish lake in Palau

25 million jellyfish of mastigias is a joke, right? And this number was chosen by a small lake. Their main meetings take place in the center of the lake, not allowing to break inside the circle. But if a person approaches, they gladly let him into his Kingdom. However, deeper than 10 meters is impossible – there the water is toxic. All the jellyfish enjoyed watching the biologists.

Kelimutu lake on Flores island, Indonesia

These rainbow lakes constantly changing colour. Today, the pond will be black, and in a few days will show off with a blue robe of water. Explained everything is simple: a large number of minerals helps to change the color of the water. Say the color of the lake depends on what the souls of the dead to inhabit it: at least, so the locals believe.

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