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"big lake"
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Penza region - land of pristine lakes and rivers
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Beautiful COLORED lakes in the world

Among a large number of beautiful lakes You can find some that are a special beauty. Water has a special color and it may seem that you went to another dimension. This is how beautiful scenery of another planet.

In this selection of ten of the most beautiful colored lakes in the world.

Laguna Verde is a salt lake, which is located in the southwest High plains of Bolivia. For those who speak Spanish the name of the lake speaks for itself. The fact that it is translated as Green Lagoon. Name appeared for a reason.

The water here is really green. The lake is located near the foot of the licancabur volcano, and the beautiful green tint of the water, the lake due to the many minerals and other substances, including copper. Color lake is famous for its hot springs.

Here is the chain of 6 dark blue mountain lakes. They are located high in the mountains of the Hindu Kush in Central Afghanistan. In 2008 they became the first National Park in Afghanistan.

Lakes formed by mineral-rich water, it seeps through the rocky cracks and crevices in rocks. The hue of water depends on the minerals which are presents in the water in large numbers.

The water of lake Pukaki has its own private, custom color. Call it ice blue. Colorful lake formed from melting glaciers for a long time. Recharge in the lake occur at the expense of thawed snow and today.

Special color of the water is achieved by microparticles contained in the water. Pucak is the second largest lake in the basin of the Mackenzie.

The lake Laguna Colorado is located in Bolivia near the border with Chile. The reddish hue of water purchased due to minerals and algae, which bloom at certain times of the year. This place is a nesting site for flamingos, including the rare species.

Lake Kelimutu is one of the most beautiful colored lakes. Three lakes are in the volcanic crater, each of them a different color. A source of unique combinations of color became the substance fumaroles located in the earth’s crust.

Colored lakes have become one of the most popular attractions in Flores island, which attracts many tourists and researchers every year.

The Havasu canyon is part of the Grand Canyon. Here lives the tribe of Havasupai. These are some of the most remote American locations. It is best to get here by helicopter or equestrian route, which stretches for 13 kilometers.

The most amazing place Havasupai are the colorful waterfalls and pools. The color of water is caused by minerals that are deposited on the bottom.

Amazing moraine lake owes its formation to the melting of glaciers. It is located on the territory of Banff National Park, in the Valley of the Ten Peaks.

Color of water caused by the content of the specific particles present in the melt water of glaciers. Around the lake You will find a large number of tourist routes and trails. The only danger here is the grizzly bear, which occur quite frequently.

Nakuru is one of the main attractions of Kenya. This is a very small lake, which is located in the East African rift. Due to the large amount of seaweed flamingos flock here, in the populations of a number of individuals can reach a million.

Due to the birds from afar the shores of the lake are painted in bright pink color. However, in recent years, birds is becoming smaller due to environmental problems.

In China Jiuzhaigou valley is located in the many beautiful lakes of different colors. Local residents of these lakes called Haiti. Translation – son of the sea. These lakes are also glacial in origin. The water here is transparent, and visitors to the Park can easily be considered the bottom of the lakes.

Plitvice lakes is the main attraction of Croatia. It’s 16 lakes, which are located near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, they are distinguished by their large number of unique colors.

Each lake has its own color of water, depending on the amount of minerals and the content of minerals.

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