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China ABC-the sixteenth Chapter: Folk tales and legends: the Story of West lake

China radio International

West lake is located in Eastern China and annually attracts many tourists. In the XIV century the city was visited by the famous Italian traveler Marco Polo called Hangzhou “Paradise city, beautiful and noblest in the world”.

West lake is the main attraction of Hangzhou, the most famous lake in China. The lake is very picturesque and attracts Chinese and foreign tourists. Around the lake are two beautiful dams, which are called Sudi and Baidi. They were assigned the names of two known in the country’s history, poets–Changzhou su and Bai Juyi. These two poets were praising the beautiful scenery in their beautiful stihotvoreniya. “Can’t leave Hangzhou from the love of the lake” (Bai Juyi). “I would like to compare West lake beauty, great and small, and in heavy make-up” (su Changzhou).

West lake is known worldwide for its ten sights. In particular, “Melting snow at broken bridge”, ” the Autumn Moon over the Calm lake”, etc.

However, the lake is famous not only for its beauty but also famous sad love legend called “the Legend of White snake”. This beautiful legend passed down from generation to generation. That’s what it says.

In the southern city of Hangzhou studied one student named Xu Xian. One day he was walking around the West lake and met a beautiful girl who actually was a White Snake. The fact that after many, many years perfecting this White Snake has become one fine girl. She was walking along the West lake with his girlfriend—Grey snake.

The student Xu Xiang White Snake knew its Savior from the past life. To experience the heart of the student, she magically caused severe doled from a clear sky, and the rain began. Xu Xian went to the girl and offered her my umbrella. White snake touched by the kind heart of the student, and the student was captivated by her beauty. So, they loved each other and were soon celebrating a wedding.

To save people from diseases, they opened a pharmacy and at very low prices began to sell the unique medication that possessed magical properties. Their pharmacy became known, and the people loved this young couple. Recall that Gray and the snake was with them. You should know that both girls have passed the dawning and become beautiful women.

However, they hated evil men. Unfortunately, as the saying goes, “rumours that a sea wave”. One jealous monk named Faha intended to kill the White snake. He succeeded, though the poor girl all the forces fighting for happiness, for justice and for their love.

Immediately after the White snake gave birth to a child, Fahai didn’t come in the house. With the help of magic he had killed a White snake under the Leifeng pagoda. Fahy despicable that the White snake will be able to release only if water runs out, West lake and Leifeng pagoda will collapse.

Several years later, Grey snake, thanks to self-improvement, increase their power and returned to the lake. She won Faha, drinking water from the lake, and knocked and Leifeng pagoda. And the White snake was released.

The memory of beauty and wisdom, of loyalty and love of the White Snake and her sworn sisters Grey snake will always live in the hearts of ordinary people.

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