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Baikal Day

The feast Day of Baikal was established in 1999 and since then is celebrated every year.

Since 2008, under the resolution of June session of the Legislative Assembly of the Irkutsk region

“the day of Baikal in the Irkutsk oblast” the celebration moved to the second Sunday of September.

Over time the festival has received nationwide and worldwide recognition, has become an important and popular date in our calendar. There are new and good traditions.

Film festivals, art exhibitions and photo exhibitions, collective visits of young and adult artists to lake Baikal for plein air conducting, the contests of applied folk arts, environmental cleanup, cleanup of trash from the shores of reservoirs, pageant on the embankment of the Angara river.

Lake Baikal-world heritage site!

In December 1996 the world heritage Committee during the 12th session in Mexico recognized under №754 lake Baikal a world heritage Area.

The code of guest of lake Baikal

Come to lake Baikal with a good heart and an open mind, with love and respect for him.

Admire its beauty and keep it the same, so it can please your children and grandchildren and grandchildren of your grandchildren.

Respect all life that surrounds you at the lake, try not to invade and violate the unique natural life.

Collecting the gifts of the Baikal nature, keep what caused them.

Get from the shores of Baikal lake pleasant memories, the charge of health and energy and all that brought.

Leave a good memory, and not damaging to the health and beauty of lake Baikal traces.

Siberians should be proud!

Our lake classified as natural wonders of the world. Why, you ask? What are the advantages of lake Baikal awarded this honorary title?

Baikal-the oldest and deepest lake in the world. And he continues to experience the impact of the forces of the Earth. The lake originated in the Mesozoic, i.e., more than 25 million years ago.

In a kind of Baikal flora and fauna. The lake is of exceptional interest to evolutionary science.

Picturesque mountains, taiga, tundra, Islands and grasslands surrounding the basin of lake Baikal. ” a majestic sight.

Baikal is the greatest single repository of freshwater in the world (20% of world reserves).

Baikal differs the greatest biodiversity in the world, lives in it 1340 species of animals (745 endemic) and 570 species of plant (150 endemic).

In the opinion of the experts of the International Union for conservation of nature and natural resources (Switzerland), is written:

“Lake Baikal – a special object, a separate class in a number of types of Sites of world heritage, the miracle of Limnology, the center of the unique natural values!”

What is the meaning of “heritage”?

Legacy – it is a gift that we have inherited from our ancestors, what we live with today and what we pass on to future generations.

Here are some TIPS that will help us all to preserve the Baikal nature:

Relaxing in beautiful remote places of Olkhon island and other places on the lake, don’t place there traces of Your stay. The glass is practically not destroyed. Cans even when burning at the stake and burying several years decompose and contaminate the soil with heavy metals. To burn the plastic is also very harmful for human health and nature. It would be correct to take the garbage to the nearest container site.

Wash dishes, do Laundry, clean the vegetables or the fish in the Baikal, as it often is, and away from the coast so the water is filtered through the soil. Some people believe that seagulls, fish and microorganisms consume food waste, and water quality does not suffer. However, it is wrong – and proof of this are the overgrown shallow bays of the Small sea.

Try not to use detergents: they cause much greater harm to all living things than soap.

To prevent soil erosion, do not use on new paths. Try not to pick flowers, which in the Olkhon region are not so many, besides, many of them listed in the Red book of plants of the Irkutsk region.

On the Olkhon island and other favorite places of recreation at lake Baikal every tree – great value. So you need to either bring your own firewood or use as firewood only dry and broken trees.

And children will depend tomorrow Baikal.

In Russia awaken the giant forces of the future. Land for the young generation will become the civilization of the Golden age, the age of infinite possibilities. On one condition, if the world will be United in love, if the forces of evil will not prevail: If a person learns the harmony in the nature, open yourself to others, learn to live by heart: the way teaches that our Baikal:

In Russia adopted in 1999 a Federal law on the protection of lake Baikal.

The law protects not only lake Baikal, but also the area around the Baikal lake, water protection area widths up to 200 km West and Northwest from it.

On the Baikal natural territory it is impossible to engage in any activity which exerts a bad influence on unique ecological system of lake Baikal.

People need to respect the rules, terms and volumes of fish catch, collecting endemic species of aquatic plants established by the Government of the Russian Federation.

Prohibits clearcutting in pine forests.

Set the maximum permissible limits of discharge and emission of harmful substances hazardous to the ecological system of lake Baikal.

The government by law established at the expense of means of the Federal budget to Finance activities for the protection of lake Baikal.

Violators of the law “On the protection of the lake” will be prosecuted.

The first people who lived on the lake, worshipped the lake for a good catch. So save the wealth of our lake for all generations!

We were entrusted to live at Baikal. We and the next generation will always be in the answer before the world for its wellbeing.

You know, what is the ritual treatment of the Buryats to Land and Water, lets recap:

Dub haha did many,

The Dalai hehe when many.

The land on which we walk, our!

Water, lying by the sea, our!

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