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Of the City, mountains and lake: what kind of properties are purchased in Serbia

Serbia is among countries is underestimated. And though there are no sea, but there is a Belgrade, picturesque mountains and clear lakes. Residence permit when buying property in Serbia shall be issued within 2-3 weeks. These and other advantages of the Balkan country told Vuk Stojanovic, a representative of a Serbian company-developer “KGF Engineering” in Russia.

– a Recent study showed that the interest of Russians to real estate in Serbia over the past year increased by a record 70%. Why do you think it happened?

– I’d hate to refer to politics, but have, especially given the recent reunion of Crimea with Russia. Serbia – country, close to the Russians, and the fact that she is not an EU member, I regard rather as an advantage. Prices are low, the food is healthy and delicious, the level of entertainment – level: Belgrade is considered one of the rave capitals of Europe.

At property exhibitions apartments in Spain, Bulgaria and Montenegro all offer. Sea – this, of course, good and beautiful, but it’s only three months out of the year, and even within those three months, not everyone will survive daily relaxing on the beach, not to mention winter time when there is nothing to do and the cold winds blow. Serbia has other benefits, and many Russians who visited the country, know about it.


– real Estate in Serbia are cheap, especially compared to Moscow sky-high price tags. What is the average price of apartments in the popular cities of Serbia and how prices may change in the near future?

– Apartments in Belgrade closer to the centre are €1200-1300 per sqm When you select the area you need to consider that the Sava river divides the capital into Old and New town. The whole business is now moved to New Belgrade, which last 20 years actively developing: there are wide roads (a rarity for Serbia!) and infrastructure.

A little less than the prices for apartments in Novi sad. Belgrade and Novi sad are correlated at significance about both Moscow and Petersburg: the Belgrade – the capital and business center, Novi sad – developed city with rich cultural life.

“Two years ago prices stopped, now do not grow, changes are not foreseen”

Looking at rates, you should consider another advantage: all apartments in Serbia are built with decoration, that is the key. Two years ago prices stopped, now don’t grow and change in the near future is foreseen. When I solved all the political problems of Serbia and neighbouring countries, increased construction activity. The developers bought the land with the houses built in their place, three-storey and four-storey apartment buildings, and they became so much that prices have stalled. But sooner or later everything will be sold, and the prices will definitely go up.

Novi Sad

– Taxes and the costs of real estate in Serbia such as low as pictures?

– Annual property taxes in Belgrade vary depending on location, zone, and starts from 0.4% of the cadastral value (it is usually slightly higher than sales) in the suburbs and reaches 1% in the center. Utilities – 2 times less, than in Moscow. Over its 80-meter apartment in Serbia I pay €100 a month, including electricity.

– Prices are low, the content is also not comes at a price, and you can still get a permit?

– the residence permit in Serbia can get the owners of any property regardless of its value. But it should be noted that a residence permit in Serbia for those who really are going to live in the country. It can be obtained literally within 2-3 weeks.

“residence permit in Serbia can get the owners of any property”

Also worth mentioning that the Russians may enter Serbia without a visa and stay for one month, and in the presence of the property after a month you can go to the police, write a statement and to stay in the country up to 90 days within six months. However, while Serbia is not an EU member…

– But eager to get there. You are in Serbia, you know what mood…

– 2012 Serbia is a candidate country for accession to the EU, but when I ask people, everyone is against it. We’re a small country, and if we will be someone else to dictate, autonomy. And who knows whether it will survive the EU 2020…


– What kind of real estate in Serbia are more likely to buy the Russians and for what purposes – for yourself or for renting?

– While the Russians in Serbia are more likely to buy the apartment. Houses in the cities – it’s mostly old and small buildings, expensive land, and all want a spacious new house. For the city to buy houses, but they are expensive even on the scale of Serbian prices. At home in Serbia it is better to buy in the mountains, where the weave cost is €3 thousand and the construction may take €40-50 thousand

Buying apartments in Serbia for rent – not the best investment. I have an apartment of 80 square meters in the center of New Belgrade, and it is impossible to let for €300 per month. Mainly housing in Serbia the Russians buy for own stay, pick the suburbs or quiet places in the mountains and near lakes. For example, in the popular tourist region of Zlatibor in the West of the country – it is a place for a family holiday, where people feel at ease in beautiful nature. House in Zlatibor – this is a good solution for vacations and for year round living. Can someone of the Russians and wants to buy an apartment in Belgrade and live there, but I know such examples a bit.

Serbian nature: mountains near the town Ivisa

– In a nutshell: why should the Russians buy real estate in Serbia?

– Not only to buy but to come, see and stay! We – the Orthodox Slavs, the past side by side the two world wars, and the third will win. We have no sea, but there are lakes, rivers and mountains. In all tourist areas, including medical spas with mineral springs – well-developed infrastructure. A small country, and such a variety!


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