Beautiful COLORED lakes in the world
Among a large number of beautiful lakes You can find some that are a special beauty. Water has a special color and it may seem that you went to another…

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Famous lake of Italy. Lake Como and lake Garda
Lake Como is one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy. Located in the province of Lombardy, at the southern slope of the Alps, near the Swiss border, Como is…

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10 places in the Sverdlovsk region that are worth a visit
In the summer my husband and I every weekend I get out to go across the field. I made my personal ranking of places to visit. So: 1. Blacksmith's house…

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The 8 most magical places on Earth

Have you ever seen a miracle? Such, the faint? No need skeptical to shake his head and say that miracles do not happen, because on Earth there are such places, visiting you must believe in miracles.

On the river you can take a romantic boat ride.

This charming place in Mexico’s Mayan Riviera was discovered recently, in 2005, by happy coincidence, a local farmer. Rio Secreto is a river in the cave under the ground with many beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. Despite the large number of obstacles, the cave is quite safe for tourists: one can descend into the deep to see the underwater life, while others just take a boat ride along the romantic river.

Colored lake Kelimutu, Indonesia

Lakes change their colors due to the many minerals dissolved in water.

On the Indonesian island of Flores at a height of more than a thousand miles in the craters of Kelimutu volcano is located three unusual lake. Within a couple years, they independently from each other are changing color: can be turquoise, green, red and even black. Residents of the local villages believe that the souls of the dead there goes the people, and the water changes colour when they are angry. Therefore it is also called “the lakes of evil spirits”. Actually, they just dissolved a lot of minerals, which give the lakes a different color.

The shape of the trees supports a special train, which periodically allowed here.

Another magical place is located in Ukraine. Near the village of Klevan Rivne region over the old rail tracks, intertwined trees, creating a nice tunnel about a kilometer long. Here come the newlyweds from across the country to make a wish, to arrange a session and to plant a tree or flower. It is believed that couples who visited this place, will love each other forever. On the rails of the tunnel only runs one special train by which the trees are woven on, and the tunnel has such a wonderful view.

The MUSA underwater Museum, Mexico

Divers here can see the whole underwater world.

Miracles can be seen not only on land but also under water. Near the Mexican resort of Cancun a few years ago opened a wonderful Museum of underwater sculptures created by Jason Taylor. It has 4 exposure – “the Collector of lost hopes”, “Gardener of hope”, “Silent evolution” and “Man on fire”, only they are 403 sculpture. All of them are created of special material that supports marine life and contributes to the development of coral. All the exhibits are life-size, so the tourists-divers definitely will feel yourself in some other, no less present than on the mainland, the world.

Antelope canyon, USA

The view from these cliffs is truly fantastic.

In the U.S. state of Arizona, you can see an amazing canyon, which the Indians called “the Place where water runs through rocks.” And in a sense they are right: for many centuries the rains and winds formed in these rocks sandy cracks that allow the sunlight and gives this place a fantastic look. Thanks to the red sand inside the lighting of the rocks is really magical – like you’re in Aladdin’s lamp.

Crystal cave Vatnajökull, Iceland

The real Kingdom of the Snow Queen.

Now the ice Kingdom can be seen, having been on the glacier Vatnajökull, which covers about 8% of the island Iceland. You will be taken to the magical world of caves, which seem to be made from crystal. Translucent ice, frozen in the most bizarre forms, transmits light, and the space under his layer has a gorgeous blue color. The glacier is not in place, and the caves constantly change shape.

Kliluk spotted lake, Canada

The water in the Kliluk contains the world’s largest number of substances.

The ripples are formed not from a thrown stone, but by themselves. The Kliluk lake, which is located in British Columbia, all covered with big spots. Here again did his job minerals in the lake a lot of them. The water in the Kliluk contains the world’s largest number of substances from different sulphate to silver and titanium. Summer on the lake you can even take a walk – at this time, the water in it evaporates, forming small Islands of land. Thanks crystallizing the magnesium they look as if covered with frost.

Pit Corta Atalaya, Spain

The quarry resembles a huge amphitheatre.

In Andalusia, around the Rio Tinto you can see the unusual “ladder” created by nature itself. Rio Tinto is a river, where previously mined a variety of minerals. Now, the almost dry valleys formed a bizarre mines and quarries, impressive any tourist. Some of them compared with lunar craters or ancient amphitheatres – formed “stepping stones” designed as places for the public. The very same small river has different shades and contains a lot of acids, metals, and bacteria.

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