10 places in the Sverdlovsk region that are worth a visit
In the summer my husband and I every weekend I get out to go across the field. I made my personal ranking of places to visit. So: 1. Blacksmith's house…

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The Most dangerous place on the planet
Journalists of the British newspaper The Daily Mail called the most dangerous place on the planet is lake Karachay. More recently, only needed one hour spent on the shore to…

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Best lakes of the Crimea: where are the, fishing on the lakes is All about tourism and recreation
Crimea has long been for many tourists became a Peninsula wonders. Indeed, there is much to marvel and wonder. Even lakes have their own mysteries and secrets that they are…

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The Most beautiful lakes in the World!

Lake Baikal  one of the most beautiful lakes of the world

The lake is located in the southern part of Eastern Siberia, the deepest lake of the planet Earth, the largest natural reservoir of fresh water. The lake and coastal areas feature a unique variety of flora and fauna.

Lake wuhua Hai lake or Five flowers. National Park Jiuzhaigon in China

Five Flowers lake is located in the heart of Jiuzhaigou. It changes color from time to time, from yellow to dark green, but most of the time the water here is diamond blue. This place is shrouded in many mysteries and riddles, while many neighbouring lakes periodically shallow and dry, the water level in this reservoir is always constant. Five Flowers will not freeze in winter, although all the neighboring lakes are covered with ice. For this reason, the locals are fearful and sensitive to these places.

The great bear lake, Canada

The lake is located beyond the Arctic circle and so there can often see the Northern lights.

Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

Titicaca is not only the largest lake in South America but also the biggest Alpine water basin: the height at which there is a lake just below the height of Mont Blanc exceeds the height of the Japanese volcano Fujiyama. The lake is located on the border of the two countries, Peru and Bolivia, and stretches 180 kilometres from North-West to South-East.

The shore in the widest part of spaced from each other at 60 kilometers. A huge sea-lake, which lies nearly four kilometres in altitude, bordered by the ridges of the Andes a height of six kilometers.

Lake Teletskoye, Russia

Altai nature reserve — the lake district. Lakes whose area exceeds 1 hectare, there are about 1200. The largest of them — Teletskoye, with a length of 78 km, a width of 5.2 km and a depth of m. Among the deepest lakes in the world it takes 25 place and 5 place in the former Soviet Union. Altai the name of the lake — Altyn-Kol (Golden lake). It is extraordinarily beautiful and holds the bowl 40 cubic kilometers of pure fresh water! In Teletskoye lake falls more than 70 rivers, and flows only one — Biy.

Lake Balaton, Hungary

The largest in Eastern Europe lake of fresh water is lake Balaton, also called the Hungarian sea.The shores of this beautiful lake annually fills countless vacationers who come here hoping to enjoy sunbathing and gentle waves of the lake, to find peace and rest, contemplating the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Millions of years ago a lake, the waters of which currently stands at 600 sq km, a length of 77 km and the width at the widest part 14 miles, overlooking the sea. During geological shifts, the seabed rose gradually and the tremendous volcanic activity has completely transformed the landscape of this area.

Lake Sevan, Armenia

Sevan is a high-altitude lake in Armenia, the largest in the Caucasus.Sevan is situated at an altitude of 1900 m; the area of 1240 km, the depth to 83 m. the Lake Sevan is fresh, the water surface is light blue and it is rightly called the pearl of water in Armenia.

Lake Tahoe in the U.S.

Lake Tahoe is at an altitude of 1897 meters on the border of California and Nevada, West of Carson city. This is the largest Alpine lake in North America and one of the most popular natural attractions not only Nevada, but also California.

Lake Como in Italy

This lake is situated in Lobardi, Italy. Como is the third largest lake of Italy and one of the deepest in Europe with a depth of 410 meters. The beauty of local nature and solitude have always attracted here not only nature lovers, but also the richest people in the world, many of which built on the shores of the lake their villas.

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