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Is There a deadly lake?

The lake of death in Italy

One of these creepy lakes is located on the island of Sicily and is called in the local language the lake of death. Even the grass around him begins to break poorly from the soil only at a very decent distance. And the trees and does grow far from the coast. Birds do not dare fly over this lake. In fact, we have had no algae, not to mention the fish. The fact that its a liquid (and not turn the language to say “water”) is a powerful concentrated sulfuric acid! She enters the lake from two powerful springs at the bottom. The water goes from the depths under pressure and dilutes reactive rocks containing sulfur. Dared to approach the lake is threatened by rapid painful suffocation from the fumes of the acid.

In Cameroon, too, has its terrible lake. Officially it is called the NREN, but in spoken language a Thousand deaths. The peculiarity of the lake is that it is located in a large and deep crater of the active volcano. The lake is all the time saturated with sulfuric acid gas. As soon as the volcano comes to life and follows quake, acid lake “explodes”. The picture is absolutely fantastic – a real hell. A huge cloud of acid vapour covers not only the lake but also the area around it for miles. To breathe in such an atmosphere is impossible. The last time the lake was exploding from 1986 year. However, this does not mean that it is possible now to approach the lake all the time “floating” and you cannot predict in what direction and when the wind will carry acid fumes.

These two lakes on the planet – the most dangerous and indeed deadly to all living things. But justice demands to say about lakes of the former USSR. However, less dangerous, but still scary too.

In Kazakhstan you none of the locals do not want (even for more money) to spend to the Dead lake located in the mountains. A unique feature of the lake – it’s incredibly cold at any time of the year. Even in the hot weather the water is ice cold. Dared to dip die within two or three minutes! Lake tried several times to explore the well-dressed scuba divers among tourists. The result is deplorable. They all died. It is assumed that due to the freezing of the breathing device in which compressed air was frost and “scored” a hole. People at the same time with the freezing elementary suffocated. The phenomenon of the lake is not studied by science so far.

In Russia on Kunashir island (the Kuril Islands) is the Boiling lake. It is milky white in color and is boiling all the time. It really is visually perceived as a boil. But really from the bottom up volcanic solutions of hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid. View on the lake is possible only at a very great distance from it, strictly following the direction of the wind. Or with an oxygen mask. Otherwise you can get poisoned vapor acids. In calm weather it is better not to approach the lake because it hangs dangerous to breath the cloud and suffocate.

In the Leningrad region tell about the terrible things Kaplienko the lake. Attempts to approach it turn out that I dared to do it appears not explainable fear. It is assumed that from the bottom of the lake out some gas, acting on the psyche. This is indirectly confirmed by the fact that at night the air over the lake glows a ghostly blue light.

In Latvia do not visit the locals the devil’s lake. But sometimes he get tourists. The depth of the lake is 70 metres away. Tourists are attracted by beautiful nature, absolutely untouched by civilization activities. Scientists believe that the lake is of meteor. From the bottom of it all the time rises to the surface of some gas. Apparently, it is a chemical process. The smell of gas is very unpleasant and it cannot to anything to compare. People acting strangely – completely changed mental state. Man begins to “rave” and after a half hour (sometimes hour) as it loses its mind and the terrors of the lake. The people there seems to then remember they can’t. But we know that after visiting this lake private tour began to suffer from mental disorders, in the end, they ended up in a mental hospital. However, documentary is not confirmed and remains to believe the narrators word for it.

Of course, there are other dangerous lake. The conclusion from the written one: going on a trip, never leave without attention the stories and rumors of terrible and life-threatening places – smoke without fire does not happen.

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