Amazing lake Balkhash
One of the main attractions of Kazakhstan is lake Balkhash. It is in the list of the largest lakes in the world occupies the thirteenth place. The lake is unique…

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The Most beautiful lakes in the world.
1. Morskie Oko in Poland. One of the most beautiful lakes in the world is Morskie Oko, which is located in the blue-green valley in the Polish part of the…

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Unique lake of the kinburnsky braid
With many lakes of Kinburn, there can be two identical About the Zer of the kinburnsky braid. Can speak about them very much. Normal resting individual, any lake encountered on…

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The Most beautiful lake in the world.

Today we will walk through the most beautiful lakes of our planet. Presenting your attention the ten most beautiful lakes in the world! Look!

1. Plitvice lakes, Croatia. 16 crystal-clear lakes are connected by a system of waterfalls. Noteworthy is the fact that the new waterfalls at the lakes are formed each year. All the matter that fell in water the leaves and branches are covered by the so-called “chalk plant”, which after dying calcify and turn into hard material, overlying the river. Water gradually breaks such dams, creating new waterfalls.

2. Lake Baikal, Russia. The world’s deepest lake is also one of the most picturesque. The natural beauty of lake Baikal without visiting tourists is best observed in the early summer. At this time the ice begins to melt and the ice to see the seals.

3. Peyto Lake, Canada. Pictures of this lake are often used as landscape postcards. The incredible blue of the water created by the melting glaciers that wash into the lake of rock.

4. Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. In the language of Maya the name of the lake means “the place where the rainbow gets color”. Located at the foot of the three majestic volcanoes of the lake in recent years changes its color from dark blue to blue-green. Experts say that the reason is algae, which bloom all year round.

5. Crater lake, USA. Formed over 7 thousand years ago is the deepest lake of the States is a consequence of the destruction of the volcano mount Mazama. Today the Crater is a national Park in southern Oregon and is surrounded by impenetrable forests and high cliffs.

6. Loch Lomond, Scotland. It is the largest freshwater Scottish lake, its length is 24 miles and the width is 5 miles. On the lake there is a huge number of Islands, some so small they are hiding under water at high tide, and some are quite large and they are whole hotels.

7. Lake Annecy. This is the heart of the French Alps. The place is suitable for absolutely all types of recreation: from romantic and ending with extreme. Annecy is very popular among surfers and kayakers. On the waterfront is a cozy cafe and restaurants, a little further, you can see medieval castles. By the way, the lake has already turned 18 thousand years.

8. Lake Garda, Italy, situated at the foot of the Alps. It is the largest lake in Italy. It is situated between Milan and Venice. On the South side of the reservoir are lovely hotels, houses and beaches. On the other side there are mountain ranges.

9. Lake Nakuru, Kenya. Due to the huge number of algae in the lake, dragonflies, millions of flamingos. These pink birds like pink Islands, covering the surface of the reservoir. Interestingly, flamingos are one of the few species of animals that can safely be in Nakuru. The fact that the lake water contains a high quantity of sodium carbonate, which can and burn.

10. Lake Matheson, New Zealand. Otherwise this lake is also called Mirror – the surface of the water reflects the two highest points of New Zealand – the top cook and Tasman. It is best to admire the spectacle after dawn, when the surface of the water truly resembles a mirror plane.


World's Largest lake
The largest lake of the Earth: the Caspian sea-lake (376 km2), Upper (82,4 km2), Victoria (68 km2), lake Huron (59.6 thousand km2), mi (58 km2). The deepest lake on the…


Journey to the lakes of Italy or the spring in Lombardy (private tour)
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