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The Ratanakiri Province (Ratanakiri) – a place of adventure

This province is located in the northeastern part of Cambodia, on the border with Laos. Despite the fact that the rapid development of the province is gradually changing the traditional way of life, Ratanakiri remains the most interesting place for adventure lovers and eco-tourists.

In the Annam mountains, located in the territory of the province, inhabited by some rare species of animals. So, recently there are new types: Annam rabbit, and the saola antelope. Also live here Amaury and Indochinese tigers. Unfortunately, all these animals are extremely rare.

Ratanakiri has long provided a home for hill tribe Khmer lei. Some of them have almost no contact with the outside world and retain most of their own centuries-old traditions.

In addition, this province is famous for magnificent nature and a wealth of natural resources. There are mountains and hills, uplands and lowlands, rivers and beautiful waterfalls, and even volcanic lake of Yak Laom.

The lake is approximately 5 km from the centre of the province, Banlung. It is a beautiful volcanic lake located in the crater of an extinct volcano. It is believed that the last eruption took place here 4,000 years ago. Diamert Yak Lom of approximately 800 m, its depth about 50 m. For the convenience of tourists on the shore built two wooden platforms, where you can admire the lake up close and swim. You definitely will not be easy to resist taking a dip in the clear waters of this pond.

Around the lake there is a footpath that you can stroll. Way around the Yak Loma will take about forty minutes. Midway, at the Western end of the lake there is a small exhibition center. Here you can buy local crafts — musical instruments, crossbows, baskets, and scarves and bags made from handwoven textiles. Walking around the lake you can see wild boars and some rare birds, e.g., eagles. If you are attentive, you may notice rare large colorful butterflies. The wingspan of some of them is 20 cm.

Another attraction of the province is a waterfall Cha Ung, located 8 km from Banlung. The origins of the falls are on the mountain of Piles. Behind the waterfall there is a cave where tourists can relax and enjoy the miracle of nature literally from the inside out and enjoy a gentle breeze carrying refreshing water droplets. Visitors of these places can soak in the natural baths, enjoy the magnificent surrounding views, listen to the sound of water. Fans of exotic ways of transportation can take a tour on an elephant.

The waterfalls on the mountain Piles

On the mountain Piles are not only the origins of the waterfall, but beautiful pagoda Asa Potomac. Five-meter statue of the Reclining Buddha peacefully located in a hut, decorated with paintings depicting scenes from Buddhist teachings. You will be mesmerized by the views of: lush greenery, rolling hills and breathtaking tranquillity of the rural landscape. The unique ambiance of peace and quiet.

Particularly noteworthy is a very beautiful stone plateau Walram, Park Veraci (area 332 500 hectares) with unique species of plants and trees in the forest, and a huge diversity of species found here birds and animals; wildlife sanctuary Lumphat (250 000 ha), where you can see elephants, tigers, red vultures.

Primarily in Ratanakiri (Ratanakiri) are grown coffee varieties «Robusta», although «Arabica» also grows. «Robusta» has a mild taste with light notes of chocolate. Cambodian coffee is sold almost everywhere. You can also SIP an aromatic coffee at any local cafe. Khmers like to drink iced coffee and lots of condensed milk, remember this when placing your order.

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