China ABC-the sixteenth Chapter: Folk tales and legends: the Story of West lake
China radio International West lake is located in Eastern China and annually attracts many tourists. In the XIV century the city was visited by the famous Italian traveler Marco Polo…

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Austria Carinthia hotels
Austria hotels Carinthia - Austria - Carinthia, lake wörthersee, Klopeinersee, Faakersee Carinthia 10 ski regions are attracted by its 800 km of slopes and Austria Carinthia hotels for cross-country ski…

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Unique lakes in the world.
1.On the Rocky island in the Pacific ocean is popular among divers Jellyfish Lake. Approximately two million jellyfish inhabit the reservoir size of just 460 to 160 meters, on average,…

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The Lake Saimaa. Finland

Every fisherman knows that Syme is a well-known Finnish brand of products for fishermen. But if you dig a little deeper into the origin of this name, it’s clear that Saimaa is the largest lake in Finland and the fourth largest in Europe. Though, to be more precise, Saimaa, is the group of lakes with many Islands and passages between them, formed in the hollow of glacial origin.

They say that on the territory of the lake can accommodate such a country as Belgium. Say something they say, but the Finnish guys think such comparison is incorrect in relation to sovereign Finland, and we therefore on this page let’s try to state differently. Now, some tongues say that in Belgium could be placed fourth lake in Europe.

As for the lake Saimaa, it plays an important role in the life of South-Eastern Finland. First of all, it valuable as a transportation artery, connected by channel with the Gulf of Finland. In addition to its banks, with a total length of 14850 kilometres, is home to around half a million of true Finns and shivs. Therefore, in these areas, a common phenomenon is considered to be regular arrival Tiffany’s on one of the local marinas.

Lake Saimaa is the flowing and out of it flows the river Vuoksi, which flows into lake Ladoga. The water in the lake is so clean that you can drink without further purification. Indented coastline and many Islands (over 13 thousand), attract many travelers and lovers of water tourism.

The voyage across the expanses of the lake on kayaks, canoes and yachts, has long been considered in these places is commonplace. As well as phenomenon habitually, and routes on the lake has accumulated more than ten. But as they say, no one here does not prohibit anyone to sail aimlessly and lowered the oars into the water as deep as coordination.

On the shores of the lake are many cottages, in which for the coin to stay for a certain time. But it is more suited to fans of passive observation of the beautiful nature of these places. And for those who have used their vacation to paint right up to the minute and don’t rely on chance, as the only thing you should bring from home.

Lake Saimaa is very popular among fans of the tail and scales. The fish here can be caught year round and the catches become pride for many fishermen who can produce the fish without using fishing rods in the box. As for the legalization of fishing, enough to purchase a license for 6 euros, which usually allows you to fish during the week. And here caught: salmon, trout, Zander, pike, bream, perch and other.

Interesting to visit the coastal town lake: Imatra, Lappeenranta, Joutseno, Mikkeli, Iisalmi, Joensuu, Savonlinna. They are all part of Finnish Karelia in the 19th century and were popular places of recreation for the Russian nobility. And in 1842, by order of Emperor Nicholas the First, in these places was founded the first national Park of Finland Kruununpuisto.

Lake Saimaa is known for its symanski seal, habitats which are protected available for observation. But today the presence of the seal in the lake is a credit to scientists who have managed to preserve almost extinct these rare animals for lakes.

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