FAQs about Mandarin Careers

Q: What is Mandarin Careers?

Mandarin Careers is a centralised career development platform with:

  • Australia wide senior leadership opportunities in and related to the public sector
  • employer profiles via our partner pages with curated departmental content and related senior leader opportunities
  • professional development thought leadership, including content from consultancies, industry, search firms, government, and The Mandarin on leadership pathways
  • specialised content about the challenges of moving in and out of government departments, and in and out of the public sector.

Q: What makes your jobs/careers platform different to others? 

We centralise genuine senior professional opportunities and specialist hard-to-fill roles from across Australia (both public and private sector with a focus on government).

And importantly, we are an invaluable tool for government hiring managers and search firms to to pique the interest of potential senior level candidates who might not otherwise be actively looking for job opportunities (passive candidates).  

Departments or organisations can also promote their departments to potential employees via the partner pages – what they do, their culture, their program highlights, their values and purpose – while linking their own senior job opportunities.

 Q: Who is this platform for

Mandarin Careers is for senior executives and emerging public sector leaders interested in:

  • news, information and advice around career pathways and professional development in the public sector
  • senior leadership opportunities
  • learning about departments and organisations as potential places of work or collaboration
  • thought leadership, insights and pathways for cross-fertilising skills and experiences across government and from moving in and out of government.

Q: When will the platform be formally launched?

The Mandarin Careers platform will be formally launched mid 2020.  During the BETA stage, we will work on more features and functionality based on feedback from user testing.  We welcome feedback and enquiries from our readers wishing to see additional features and improved functionality. Please forward your feedback to careers@themandarin.com.au 

Q: More Questions? Please contact careers@themandarin.com.au