Editors’ Picks

Editors’ picks include the best selection of articles as chosen by the Mandarin editors’ on current topics in the public sector and government including news, features, analysis and daily insights.

Editors’ picks include everything from features on how to negotiate your salary to environmental issues, global policy and the future of work. Editors’ picks is a treasure trove of the daily insightful articles that can offer fresh insights into the public sector.

The public sector needs strong and independent news coverage and a place where its leaders can discuss the issues they face at the coalface of modern bureaucracy.

That’s where The Mandarin comes in. It is made for public sector leaders and executives and reaches 1.5 million public sector readers and the many stakeholders interested in their work each year.

Put simply, The Mandarin deliver the news and analysis that the public sector reads every day.

With a focus on senior executives and public administration professionals, there is no other news source like it.

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