Advancing Australia’s Digital Future with Intelligent Transformation

Advancing Australia’s Digital Future with Intelligent Transformation

As government agencies navigate the digital age, a strategic pivot towards intelligent solutions is underway.

Join Australian government leaders and innovators at the ServiceNow Federal Forum to discover the potential that smart technologies bring to government services – transforming them with simplicity, agility, and security.

Advance Australia’s Digital Future with Intelligent Transformation

This complimentary half-day event will explore how intelligent transformation can underpin the evolution of government services, ensuring they are streamlined, secure, and poised for future challenges and opportunities.

Featured topics include:

  • Generative AI in Action: Harness the power of enterprise-ready AI to elevate agency functions, delivering service excellence across every touchpoint.
  • Total Experience Strategy: Delve into the integration of customer and employee experiences to revolutionise public sector interactions and build trust among the people of Australia.
  • Cyber Resilience: Strengthen your agency’s digital defences with enhanced cybersecurity strategies and risk management to protect your digital landscape against emerging threats.
  • Advance ERP Modernisation: Discover strategies for updating legacy systems that increase efficiency, streamline government operations, and ensure agility in response to dynamic public needs.
  • Case Studies: Be inspired by how leading government agencies are leveraging the Now Platform to achieve better mission outcomes.   

Register today for Australia’s first ServiceNow Federal Forum, and take part in shaping the future of government services in Australia. 


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