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Report: GenAI – The trust multiplier for government

Sponsored by Salesforce

As conversations about how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used in different industries continue, insights about citizens’ thoughts on how it can be used by the public sector are extremely important.

Salesforce and BCG have collected insights from 4,800 respondents from Australia and New Zealand and 18+ global experts in an effort to understand citizens’ perspectives around how adopting GenAI responsibly can improve government service delivery and increase trust.

They have compiled their finding into their latest Trust Imperative report ‘GenAI: The Trust Multiplier for Government’.

This report will discuss:

  • Insights on customers’ expectations when it comes to online government services and what their real experiences are like.
  • The impact of government using GenAI and how it could affect the connection between the trust in government and service delivery.
  • How citizens’ feel about government using AI and GenAI and what might impact their trust in a positive or negative way.
  • The steps that the government can take towards the responsible use of GenAI to assist with service delivery.

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