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Upcoming events for senior public servants:

25th June, 2024: Rebuilding Public Service Trust and Integrity Sydney

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What is Mandarin Live?

Mandarin Live is a program of events where senior public sector leaders can interact with practioners and other Mandarin readers face-to-face. Engaging, user-focused explorations into the issues affecting you at work every day. It’s the same inquisitive public-sector coverage and analysis you’re used to reading in The Mandarin, only live, with the opportunity to challenge and be challenged in real time. Neither educational workshop nor conference, each Mandarin Live event will deliver practical insights and tangible outcomes for the participants.

We see our events as being more exploratory than the usual offerings, with more iconoclastic views expressed and with panels of people who can bring different perspectives and also disagree with one another. Like our news platform, our events will be respectful of the professions in which people operate but prepared to challenge arguments and positions with a genuine spirit of inquiry. 

With leaders and managers in mind, these events bring together everyone who is occupied with the challenges in public leadership, management, public policy in general and the collaborative leadership solutions for all involved in public sector and public purpose work.

Mandarin Live can tailor bespoke programs just for you. To enquire about our private program options, get in touch today.