BiiG (Business Improvement and Innovation in Government) Innovation for Impact Festival

BiiG (Business Improvement and Innovation in Government) Innovation for Impact Festival

Innovating for Impact

For Good and For All: People, Performance and Pride

Three things characterise this moment for the public service, not only in Queensland and its regions, but nationally and across the world. 

First and foremost, is its vital role as a cornerstone institution in fostering inclusion, sustainability and resilience, within robust democratic and economic frameworks. Secondly, is a dedicated commitment to reform that weaves together a focus on culture and integrity, capability and skills, engagement and collaboration and strong and effective leadership.

And third, combining the enduring values of good public work – such as independence, accountability, ethics, fairness, honesty, integrity, pride in service, respect and rigor – with the values and habits of the digital world – a focus on customers and citizens, working in the open, experimenting and learning, and working collaboratively with agility and speed.

And all this with a fundamental commitment to public value and the public good or, as a global conference on AI regulation held in the UK in 2023 defined it, “for good and for all”.

Over the three days of the BiiG Festival, and especially during our main day BiiG Conference, we will explore how the public service, alongside its partners and collaborators, is turning its commitment to innovation for impact, into tangible outcomes fired by a guiding commitment to “for good and for all”.

We’ll convene brilliant minds, thinkers and practitioners to explore new thinking and progressive practices for a modern, digital, and very human public service. And we’ll match ideas and insights with practical ways to change your practice and lift your performance.

Above all, in this moment rife with change and challenges and our collective aspirations for the communities and individuals we serve, we will take pride in our work and purpose, celebrating the significance of our public service roles in shaping a better future.


Join us in Brisbane for the BiiG (Business Improvement and Innovation in Government) Innovation for Impact Festival taking place from 28 to 30 May. 

Early bird tickets are available until Friday 3 May.

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